B Voc (Hospitality, Catering, Travel, Tourism & Service Industry)


Tourism and Hospitality


A blend of Art & Science; Technology & Tradition are taking place in the Hospitality Catering and Tourism industry.

This sector is predicted to triple in size within the next 10 years and become the world’s largest Industry by the year 2020, generating enormous opportunities for well qualified individuals armed with credentials from an elite Institute like JIMS. These Graduates will be in great demand to assume exciting and rewarding positions anywhere in the World. Society has evolved from eating to relishing food. The “Cook” has become a “Chef”. The “Waiter” has become a “Steward”.

Hotels are a part of the Hospitality Industry

India is a ‘rising star’ which is likely to become major tourist destination in the next five years. The Indian Hotel Industry is adding over 90,000 more rooms across the country in the next five years to meet the demand. The contribution of the Hotel and Tourism Industry to the country’s GDP is significant and expected to grow further. The government’s decision to substantially upgrade 28 regional airports in smaller towns and privatization and expansion of Delhi and Mumbai airport has improved the business prospects of Hospitality Industry in India. The hospitality segment opens a plethora of opportunities to those who choose to be part of this revolution. This segment demands high level of innovative ideas to deliver impressive hospitality products and services with a. friendly pleasing personality, good communication, cheerful, sunny disposition, with an ability to put in laborious work hours are some of the pre-requisites for a job in Hospitality and Tourism Sector.

Jims is a centre of excellence in Hotel Management and Travel & Tourism education. The students are offered multiple approaches to comprehend the nature of the Hospitality & Travel & Tourism Industry and learn to work in cohesive manner in a team for achieving the objective of the hospitality industry. They are groomed to industry norms. Multiple methods of teaching are adopted for training such as case studies, lectures, seminars, group discussions, presentations, role playing etc. There is an extensive stress on hands on practical training both at the institute and in industry internships which prepares them as professionals with path finding qualities and help them to become go-getters with objective decision making capabilities. At the end of the three year programme students with the necessary skills become leaders in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Aviation – Cabin Crew / Airport Ground handling, Customer service or any service industry that mandates a similar traits set.

Hotel Management Education for the future

To unlock the full potential of both the sectors and India’s talent pool, Jims Hotel Management department has constructed and delivering its programme by working closer with the industry on a holistic level and keeping abreast of trends and patterns through research and collaboration, carefully interweaving into the Hotel Management curriculum.

This collaboration not only helps enhancement of the learning experience for students but also helps in preparing them for a world after graduation, it will streamline the way internships are undertaken and give students the freedom to discover career opportunities first-hand within the comfort of their education.

Hotel Management education is delivered with a view to benefit industry from an influx of human capital that is passionate, dedicated and equipped to tackle challenges head-on. Braced with a new generation that is capable, innovative and entrepreneurial, the potential for growth within the hospitality and its allied industries is incredible.

Course Objective

To produce students with excellent communication skills with a pleasing personality; who are outgoing, friendly and have the ability to take responsibilities.. . The hospitality program at JIMS equips the students with the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the fast growing Service Sector. The curriculum is designed to meet the global and regional need for qualified graduates, who will be able to apply their knowledge directly into the workplace. The program will have an emphasis on managerial and operational issues and the philosophy can be described as ‘Think Global, Act Local’. The delicate balance between Tourism Destination; Travel and Hospitality Management; and the cherishment of Cultural Diversity, Heritage and Authenticity will be the highlighting part of the course study.

Course curriculum

The programme at JIMS is designed around a set of modules that are common to all pathways. These modules cover Front Office functions, Food & Beverages and Food Production etc. These modules also guide an aspirant towards the achievement of the generic Hotel Management Skills/Traits of global Service Industry awareness, developing leadership potential and understanding the theory and practice of international Hospitality Businesses.


I Semester II Semester
Basic Kitchen Management Food Production & Bakery I
F & B Service I F & B Service II
Rooms Division Management Front Office Management
Hotel Housekeeping I Hotel Housekeeping II
French (Introduction) Hospitality French
Nutrition & Food Science Sanitation & Hygiene Management
Introduction to Tourism Tours & Travels Technology
Communication Skills Business Communication & Language Skills
Computer Application
III Semester IV Semester
Food Production & Bakery II Advance Food Production & Bakery
Accomodation Operations-III Food & Beverage Service-III
F & B Service III Advance F & B Service
Front Office Operations II Event Management
Housekeeping Management Hospitality & Hotel Law
Hospitality French Retail Management
Airlines & Travel Management International Tourism Technology
English Communication & Conversation Sales & Marketing Management
Hotel Accounts Management
V Semester VI Semester
Advance Front Office Operation Professional Elective
Advance Accomodation Operation Front Office Management
Principles of Management Housekeeping Management
Human Resource Management Food Production Management
Personality Development Program F & B Service Management
Cultural Heritage of India
Project Report & Presentations
Entreprenurship Development
F & B Management


I Semester II Semesterkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklllllllklllll
Food Production Food Production
F & B Service F & B Service
Bakery Bakery
Housekeeping Front Office
III Semester IV Semester
Food Production Food Production
F & B Service F & B Service
Bakery Bakery
Front Office House Keeping
V Semester VI Semester
Food Production & Bakery
Communication Skills & Personality
Industrial Training Report
*Subject to change


A Smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace...

To achieve the goal of imparting Hotel Management education consistent with the demands of the industry, the management department of the college ensures that there is fine balance of theory and practice in every class. Industry experts from various fields of Hotel management are invited every month to interact with the students on latest practices being followed in the Hospitality world. Industrial visits are organized to provide an insight into the Hotel / Resort working processes, guests’ relations and compliance mechanisms in place in Hotel Industries for various departments. The students are also put through a rigorous, Three-month internship program to master the skills required to perform in the hospitality industry. Soft skills and personality development programs are organized with special emphasis on polishing communication skills, developing leadership qualities, teaching hospitality management of time, cultivating the art of right delegation and grooming the candidate, in general, for giving his best in the industry. Learning gradually the finest nuances and various aspects of hospitality traits activity, the student is transformed into a professional with sound hospitality cum service industry management ability. In addition to this, the college placement cell is actively involved in matching the talent with the requirements raised by the industry for various positions. The in-house Group discussions, extempore sand Mock interview sessions prepare the students for facing the most challenging of the selection procedures.

Our Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, Lajpat Nagar – Hotel Management Department is dedicated to career based education only. It has a skill based pedagogy which is a combination of assignments , case studies , web supported learning , practical workshops , Industrial visits in various five star hotels and Industrial Internship training programme for at least 90 days as a part of academic curriculum to meet an international hospitality standards provides enormous industry exposure to our students which ultimately reflecting their capabilities and potential & helps to get place in various verticals in this Industry.

Policy Guidelines for Vocational Courses


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc.) Degree with multiple exits such as Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the NSQF. The B.Voc. programme is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles along with broad based general education. This would enable the graduates completing B. Voc. degree to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge. The Jagannath University, NCR offers B.Voc. in the field of Retail Management, IT & Software Development, Interior Design, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector and Journalism & Mass Media to the eligible students who are interested in pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Vocation, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. The University syllabus has two parts, general education and skill component. The skill component is covered by Skill Knowledge Provider. Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, Lajpat Nagr is an AICTE approved SKP. This SKP has signed an MOU with Jagan Nath University, NCR for conduct of the skill component of the syllabus..


The certification levels will lead to Diploma/Advanced Diploma/B. Voc. Degree to be offered by Jagannath University, NCR Following table shows the various certifactions and their duration:

NSQF Level Skill Component Credits General Education Credits Total Credits for Award Normal Duration Exit Points / Awards
4 18 12 30 1 Semester Certificate
5 36 24 60 2 Semester Diploma
6 72 48 120 4 Semester Adv. Diploma
7 108 72 180 6 Semester B. Voc Degree