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BAJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)

The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Programme (BAJMC)at JIMS is affiliated with CCS University, Meerut. The Bachelor's programme lasts three years (six semesters). This BJMC course in Delhi NCR -Noida offered by JIMS focuses on various facets of India's social, political, and economic system as well as various problems with mass media. Students are exposed in the course so they can establish themselves in both traditional and new media.

Program Overview

The globally-recognized BJMC curriculum is strict as per the University regulation. It focuses on preparing graduate professionals for careers in journalism, mass media, and communication across more than 25 different domains, including print media, radio, television, online digital media, and more. It is intensive and thorough in as diverse fields as News Anchoring, Reporting, RJ, VJ, Graphics and Design, Editing, AV Programming and Production, Photography, Videography, Content Writing, Advertising, Public relations, corporate communications, event management, production of documentaries, management of media, media research, and digital media, as well as for other professional roles like media marketing, media sales, and content specialist and media manager among others. Moreover, after completing the BJMC course, from the mass communication colleges in Noida Delhi NCR, students can also opt for government jobs, higher education, research, and teaching among others.

At JIMS Noida, we use both offline and online teaching pedagogies, video lectures, and flipped classroom pedagogy to impart knowledge and conduct skill development activities for the students. These activities are complemented by specialist guest interactions, industry visits, networking, quizzes, and debate competitions, which help students hone their skills for a satisfying lucrative career after their studies. The aspiring talents receive assistance with internship and placement from our dedicated Training and Placement Cell.

On strength of the rich JIMS academic legacy and student-centric culture, experienced and expert mentors, and state-of-the-art infrastructure and hi-tech lab facilities, the department is well equipped and committed to effective mentoring and disseminating knowledge, professional ethics, and technical skills to create human capital that is future-ready to meet the demands of the journalism and mass communication industries in a variety of fields. The world-class facilities makes JIMS one of the best BJMC colleges in Noida for mass media and journalism courses.

Adequate attention is paid by highly qualified faculties having the industrial experience to follow inter and multi-disciplinary approaches as per the NEP 2021 and propel out-of-box thinking and skill development value-adding their profile. Check out everything you need to know about BJMC admissions at JIMS Noida.

Course Objective

  • To provide media education based on ethics for holistic development
  • To focus on theoretical knowledge, technical skills, and practical exposure for a progressive career
  • To encourage original thought, a professional attitude, and problem-solving etiquette
  • To train skilled media and communication professionals for the future
  • To encourage students to engage in writing and research

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO1: To prepare media professionals to meet the industry needs who fully understand the importance of the freedom of the press and ethical communication, comprehend the laws and ethics related to media, and have a sound understanding and knowledge of judicial, parliamentary, and legislative proceedings and gain experience in the applications of media laws in highlighting people’s problems
  • PSO2: To have a prosperous career in the public and private media and communication sectors by raising people's consciousness and empowering them to inform, educate, and entertain for a sustainable society.
  • PSO3: Admission at JIMS Noida train media professionals in moral behaviour so they can act as the good citizens' gatekeepers.
  • PSO4: To boost the advocacy skills among students and eventually convert them into employment generators rather than employment seekers.
  • PSO5: To add value through media teaching and quality research in a socially responsible and ethical manner
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