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Jims Annual IT Fest- CYNET

CYNET provides a great platform to present and develop innovative ideas of students with their technical skills. This IT fest is conducted every year by the department with the aim to instill a desire for technical expertise, rational thinking, logical thought process and astute decision-making by participating in more than 10 technical and fun events. It provides an opportunity to examine themselves in different areas. Events like Code Breaking, Mystery Room, Tech Chef, Web Weaver, Treasure Hunt, Aim 2 Game, Tap App, IT Quiz etc. are an integral part of this fest. Through these events, students not only have fun, but also learn and grow.


Annual film and photography festival titled Prism a pan India event is hosted by students of Mass Communication Department. The festival draws participation from colleges/ universities of Delhi/NCR. The festival gives students an opportunity to gauge the competition that awaits them in the industry and it is adjudged by celebrated filmmakers and photojournalists. In addition to playing critiques to the work of the students, the judges act as mentors and guide student’s vis-à -vis their production portfolios.

Expression Fiesta

Expressions are the basis of human communication. The wide spectrum of expressions in the form of video content, TV advertising spots, short films, blog writing, solo singing, mono acting and photography competitions are held during the fiesta. Students from various colleges are invited for the Fiesta

Interior Design Exhibition (Design Santushti)

A Designer should be willing to experiment with various resources to simplify complexities and magnify the Diversities of Color, Texture and form. Keeping all these in mind the budding designers organize an Annual Interior Design Exhibition “Design Santushti”. Students showcase their work that they have worked on from concept to execution. The event is considered as their live project where they in cooperate everything they learnt from their curriculum. The pieces are displayed and presented in a public forum and many students are able to successfully sell their pieces. This also helps students for better placements with big brand names in the industry.

Chef Competition

This is a competition held amongst various hospitality institutes of Delhi to put to test the culinary skills of the students. This is one of the most exciting of all the competitions held in the college, it brings into view the cooking talent of the students and helps them learn from others and enhance their professional capability which in turn helps them in better placements as chefs in the reputed hotels.

Outstation Educational Tour

To work on the professional skills in an enjoyable, real time work environment the students of Mass Communication department go for an educational tour every year. At the end of the tour students are required to submit their portfolios. This also creates a spirit of team work and creativity. Students are also taken for literary and film festivals.

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